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Rugby Renegade Membership

What is the Rugby Renegade Membership?

Our membership program offers one of the most complete rugby training resources currently available. As a Rugby Renegade member you will get access to all of the following:

  • Daily Workouts: Periodised and varied workout sessions with video explanations and exercise demonstrations. Our online program is written in line with the UK rugby union season so you will get to train on the right areas at the right time!
  • Daily Workout Archive: If your season starts at a different time to the UK or you work through different blocks of the season at different times then you can look back and find the sessions you need at anytime
  • Weekly Injury Prevention Sessions: Written specifically for rugby we will present injury prevention series for all of the major areas of the body. Hamstrings, Core Stability, Adductors, Shoulders, Neck, Lower back, all written by our physiotherapists specifically for rugby.
  • Rugby Renegade Signature Programs: Dedicated programs to get you bigger, stronger, faster and fitter for rugby. All included in your membership for no additional cost!
  • Free E-Book Downloads: All directly from the membership portal on subjects like nutrition, strength training, injury management and training principles.
  • Off-Feet Conditioning Sessions: If you’re not playing on a weekend we have a great range of off-feet conditioning sessions that you can access in the members area. 
  • Exclusive Offers: A range of exclusive discount codes for Rugby Renegade products and with our affiliate partners.
  • Educational Resources: Exclusive access to material and content only available to our members. Designed and written to help educate you on training principles, lifestyle and other areas to optimize performance.

We offer advice to our members on all aspects of Strength and Conditioning, as well as incorporating training methods that will allow athletes to compete safely, as well as reduce injury risk and assist with rehabilitation.

Rugby is a multifaceted sport that requires individuals to be competent in all aspects of fitness. Fitness can be described as the ability to meet the demands of ones environment and within the sport of rugby, these demands are broad and range from the physical and psychological. As Rugby evolves as a sport, so does the training methods and the scientific rigor with which they are applied.

The Rugby Renegade programme will also contain a conditioning element referred to as our WOD (workout of the day), this will include functional movements that will be performed at high intensity with the objective of raising a rugby players work capacity during a game.

Rugby Renegade is a powerful tool in preparing players for match day. Our WODs are designed to be physically and mentally challenging. The workouts will be varied, as the situations within a game are varied. In one part of the game you find yourself in space with time to run with the ball, but then you find yourself in a tackle, battling for the ball with an opponent. Consequently, your workouts need to be varied in order for your body to keep adapting and developing as a player.

Rugby is a sport that involves short, sharp periods of whole body movements, such as sprinting, tackling, lifting, pushing and pulling. All of these actions are full body compound movements and Rugby Renegade uses functional movements with various objects as key features within your training.

Rugby Renegade’s team of Sports Physiotherapists aim is to help reduce the risk of injury within a game and to also help those who are injured returning to full fitness. As a member of Rugby Renegade you can benefit from a wide range of injury prevention /pre-habilitation programmes and exercises, along with daily exercises for mobility, strength and motor control.


The Rugby Renegade S&C Programme is aimed at the Rugby Athlete that wants to take their game to the next level, but currently does not have the professional support to do so… That’s where we come in!!



We highly recommend that before starting the Rugby Renegade Strength Programme that you have completed a variety of strength routines in the past and are a technically efficient with the various compound exercises, Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Pulls, as well as the Olympic Lifts.

Our Rugby Renegade programme will be periodized, and will consist of 4-6 week ‘microcycles’. During this time we will also implement ‘Deload’ weeks, to ensure that athletes recover and that maximum results are seen from our programme.

If Athletes sign up to the Rugby Renegade Programme mid-way through a block, then we recommend starting the programme at the beginning of the latest ‘microcycle’ .

Before beginning, we recommend that Athletes will have an understanding of their –

Back Squat 1RM (Rep Max.)

Dead Lift 1RM

Bench Press 1RM

Shoulder Press 1RM

Power Clean 1RM

Click Here To Use Our 1RM Calculator!

Our Daily Workout Format will consist of the following parts –

A)   Warm Up

B)   Prehab – follow our Daily Prehab Routine with video footage.

C)   Strength

D)   Rugby Renegade WOD (Workout of the Day) – Conditioning

*The sessions will be occassionaly split into 2 separate sessions, AM and PM.

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