Rugby Renegade Podcast Episode 07

Episode 7 of the Rugby Renegade Podcast sees us interview James Brown from DNActiv8.

Topics covered include:rugby renegade podcast

  • Genetics and sport/health
  • Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics
  • 6 years of injuries to injury free!
  • Important supplements for health
  • Where Manu Tuilagi is going wrong…
  • The future of Genetics
  • And Tons more!

We’d like to thank James for taking the time to chat with us and getting us up to speed on the exciting new developments in genetic profiling for sport.

To learn more about James & DNActive8 check out his website: DNActiv8

Or follow him on Linkedin: DNActiv8 on LinkedIn

If you would like to do some further reading around the subjects here are some books we recommend:

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