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Membership Program: In Season 2122 Block 3 – Day 28 Recovery

Pre-Season Rugby Training: The Complete Guide

Level up your Training Now! Pre-Season Rugby Training Pre-season is a time of year that holds a significant importance for rugby players. It is feared by many as a brutal
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Hydration for Rugby

Hydration for Rugby: All you need to know

HYDRATION The human body can survive without food for up 30-40 days; the human body can survive without water for 3 days. That is why water comes before sleep and
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Membership Program: Off Season 1920 Block 2 – Day 24 Injury Prevention. Adductors

Rugby Proof: Optimal Recovery

Welcome to the Rugby Renegade Recovery Bible and I’m sure if you’ve ever played a game of rugby you’ll know about the wonderful soreness that you experience for a day,
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Sleep: The Key Stone of any training program

Sleep: The Key Stone of any training program

Sleep and Technology are in, too much sitting down is out…” Sir Dave Brailsford, Team Sky Cycling. 2015 Sleep is big in performance environments and it should be high up
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5 Ways To Improve Your Sleep For Rugby Players

Improve Your Sleep For Rugby Players: Our 5 Top Tips

We always hear that sleep is important but we often just pay it lip service! In this article we show relevant research highlighting the negative effects of impaired sleep and
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