Shoulder Evaluation
Phase 2: Strength - Horizontal Plane
Phase 3A: Strength - Transitioning to the Vertical Plane
Phase 3B: Strength - Vertical Plane
Phase 4: Reactive Strength
Phase 5: Preparing for Contact


How is this programme structured?

This programme has been split into 5 distinct phases, each phase contains increasingly difficult exercises. We have provided approximate time frames for each phase but completing the exercises well in each phase is by far the best marker of when to progress. Only progress when you can complete each session with good form and without excessive fatigue.

The phases are;

Phase 1: Mobility & Low level Activation. 2 dedicated gym sessions per week

Phase 2: Strength – Horizontal Focus. 2 dedicated gym sessions week

Phase 3a: Strength – Vertical and Outer Range. 2 dedicated gym sessions per week

Phase 3b: Strength – Vertical and Outer Range. 2 dedicated gym sessions per week

Phase 4: Reactivity – Preparing the shoulder for impacts. This phase should be used once or twice a week outside of your usual gym programme. Ideally prior to field training

Phase 5: Preparation for contact – Introducing elements of collision. This phase should be used once or twice a week outside of your usual gym programme. Ideally completed on the field.

The program will take you from the very basics of shoulder mobility and control and finish at a point where you are ready to progressively re-introduce contact work on pads and shields. Once you’ve completed phase 5 you should be well placed to progress to low-level bone on bone contact drills. You should choose the level of work and difficulty that is most appropriate for you. Remember, the shoulder needs to be both mobile and strong so give both mobility and stability work enough attention.

Can I do other training programmes alongside this programme?

Absolutely, and you’ll need to get the absolute most from it. We would encourage that you continue with your normal training and lower body loading to develop global strength around the shoulder. Our on line members programming would complement this shoulder programme perfectly.

When is the best time to start this programme?

Right now. Whether its pre-season, the off-season or mid-season, the sooner you start this programme the sooner you will start to benefit from it. If you are currently in season we would recommend completing your shoulder work at least two days after game day and at least 2 days before the next game. This will allow your shoulders to be recovered from the contact that they go through on the field. For example; for a Saturday game shoulder loading on  Monday and Thursday.

Do I have to do all of the phases in order?

No. The programme has been written to take an athlete from a very low level of activity (like an off season) to full contact on the field. If you are already completing a high level of training you can accelerate through the programme to the later stages. Do remember, that the fundamentals and the foundations set up in the early phases are essential to the later phases so take a look and top up on the components you need to improve.

Whats next?

Let’s get started. We will now move on to present the exercises that are in the program. Firstly the mobility exercises, then the activation and strength based exercises and finally the reactivity and power components. Once we have introduced each of the exercises we will piece them together in the 8 week programme. You can view each exercise by following the active links within this e-book. If at any point you find you are unsure about part of the programme then you can get in touch with us directly through our social media channels or our website and we will be more than happy to help you.