Shoulder Evaluation
Phase 2: Strength - Horizontal Plane
Phase 3A: Strength - Transitioning to the Vertical Plane
Phase 3B: Strength - Vertical Plane
Phase 4: Reactive Strength
Phase 5: Preparing for Contact

Session 1


ExerciseSets & RepsVideo Demos
Scap Slides2 x 12
Pec Minor Stretch2 x 12
Pec Major Stretch2 x 10
Pec ART2 x 30s each side
4 Point Lat Stretch2 x 8 each side
Rotator Cuff Trigger Point2 x 30s each side
1st Rib Release2 x 30s each side
Sleeper Stretch2 x 12 each side


ExerciseSets & RepsVideo Demos
Band Internal Rotation
Band External Rotation
Band Rows High to Low
Wall Spider
Supine Bottoms UP KB Press