Shoulder Evaluation
Phase 2: Strength - Horizontal Plane
Phase 3A: Strength - Transitioning to the Vertical Plane
Phase 3B: Strength - Vertical Plane
Phase 4: Reactive Strength
Phase 5: Preparing for Contact

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In the introduction, you’ll be given background information on the topic. All of the videos have been produced by Rugby Renegade and are designed to inform and guide you through the programme before you start it so take your time and make sure you’re comfortable with the material.

Finally we will introduce the programme. We’ve linked each exercise to the same explainer videos just in case you need reminders on how to perform each of them as you work through the sessions. You can also print out the programme to fill in the loads you use each week and track your progress.

Enjoy the programme, the reason we wrote it is to give you the information and the tools to improve on and off the field. We always love to hear about your progress and to see our athletes working through our sessions. If you have time, please feel free to tag us in any videos you post online or send us feedback on how you are getting on.

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