Program Outline & Methods

Block 1 Workout Sheets:

Block 1 is where we lay the foundation that will help us build some serious strength! The techniques we will use later in the program are pretty demanding and this block prepares us to be able to not only perform the later blocks but survive them and make solid gains. Here’s a description and explanation of some of the methods used in this block ton help you understand how they will help you get stronger and how best to perform them.

Traditional Strength Work

As stated before if you want to get better at squats, deadlifts and bench press…you need to squat, deadlift and bench press! You’ll get a session devoted to each exercise and even two sessions for the bench press. We’ll use the classic 5×5 set/rep scheme using a step load approach (each set the weight gets heavier!). This has worked thousands of times and will work for you now too! As part of the assistance exercises you’ll also use variations of these main lifts which we’ll explain in the next training approach…

1.5 Rep Method

In this phase of training we want to stimulate the muscles heavily and get you stronger where you need it most; in the weakest portion of the main lifts. That’s why we’ve included Deficit Deadlifts and use the 1.5 rep method for the squat and bench. Basically we emphasise the bottom position of the lifts where you are weaker and spend more time here which will not only build muscle but strength to help you get out of the hole on the squat and off the chest in the bench press. The 1.5 Rep method is simple; you squat down all the way come halfway up, squat back down then come all the way up and finish the rep. Thats one rep! Focus on staying tight and maintaining good posture.


As stated earlier in this block we want to focus on the muscular adaptations to getting stronger which as well as the above techniques means greater volume. this will not only help build strong muscles but prime the body for when we reduce volume and intensify in later blocks. We are harnessing the power of super-compensation to full effect but there is no hiding form the fact that this block will be tough and you’ll need to be on point with nutrition (plenty of calories and protein) and recovery (mostly don’t overdo anything else!!).

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