Stronger For Rugby Program Overview

The Stronger For Rugby Program consists of three 4 week training blocks. Each block builds on the last and progressively changes the stimulus, resulting in stronger lifts at the end of the 12 weeks.

Block 1 – Muscular and Weak Point Stimulus

In this block we use exercises that work on your weakest range of motion in the main exercises. Whilst this means using lighter weights (comparatively) it means your muscles have to work harder and if we can increase strength in the weakest point it will mean you get stronger overall! Along side that there will be a greater emphasis on building muscle to lay the foundation for the strength work later in the program.

Block 2 – Neural Adaptations and Supramaximal Lifting

Block to we reduce volume slightly and use heavier weights! Specifically we use reduced range variations of the main lifts which allow you to lift heavier weights strengthening the tendons and ligaments as well as getting your nervous system accustomed to heavy weights and higher amounts of tension.

Block 3 – Cluster Training and Peaking

This builds on the last two and transfers the gains made from the muscles and nervous system into new records! Here we use cluster training to and reduce volume to peak for a new rep max on all your lifts. We will reduce volume again and introduce some explosive work to leave you fresher but still stimulate the nervous system. And of course, we’ll retest!

All the way through the program you will be working on the 3 main lifts focusing on improving technique and skill. If you want to squat, bench and deadlift a lot…you need to squat, bench and deadlift a lot!

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