Leaner For Rugby

Leaner For Rugby is the first of our Signature programs that we’ve launched. It is a 6 week fat loss challenge designed to get you leaner and improve your performance for rugby.

It uses the perfect blend of training, nutrition and mindset with everything laid out so it’s easy to follow and get results.

Using this program will help you:

  • Improve body composition (Less Fat, More Muscle)
  • Increase speed and fitness
  • Improve your nutrition (knowledge and habits)
  • Feel lighter on your feet in games
  • Look good nekkid! (yeah we said it!)

Getting Leaner Could Drastically Improve Your Rugby Performance

Leaner For Rugby

What you get with the Leaner For Rugby program:

  • A Rugby Specific program to shred fat and improve performance (can be used in or out of season)
  • Weekly Nutrition Education videos
  • Access to our Training App to make it easy to follow at the gym
  • Rugby Renegade Nutrition Manual Ebook (this is a new product not yet released that will help with more than just fat loss!)
  • High Protein Recipes Ebook 
  • Access to our Coaches to get inspired and have your questions answered
And it’s all lifetime access!

Here's a Sneak Peak at the Leaner For Rugby Program:

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