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Our Membership Program

One of the most complete rugby training resources currently available.

Our membership program

Our membership program offers one of the most complete rugby training resources currently available. Through our training app, we offer training programs to our members on all aspects of Strength and Conditioning to improve your performance on the rugby field. We have worked with rugby players at the very top level and we have used all of that experience to create an in-depth optimal training program for rugby players. We’ve done the work so all you have to do is commit, follow the program and see the results!

The membership program runs year round and provides you with everything you need; Gym sessions, conditioning, recovery sessions, nutritional support and access to educational resources that you can not access anywhere else!


Our membership program is structured to cover the full season and is split in to dedicated training blocks so you’re doing the right training at the right time.

The 4-6 week training blocks on the membership cover: Fundamentals, Pre-Season, In-Season Strength, In-Season Power & The Off-Season.

Key features

App based training platform. Each session accessible directly from your phone including:
Track your progress on all of your key lifts and fitness markers
Wearable integrations. Connect your Garmin, Apple watch, Whoop, Oura ring and others to track your key health markers and recovery along with your training
Nutritional support and diet plans included
Exclusive access to discount codes with our partners. Including a 50% discount on Optimum Nutrition supplements!
E-books and Downloadable guides and infographics
On-line support from the Rugby Renegade Coaching Team


What is included?

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