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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to answer any questions you might have about our training programs. If you can’t find your answer here then feel free to message us directly and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Good question! Rugby Renegade has been established sine 2014 and was created to provide rugby players all over the world with a level of programming and support usually reserved for player in elite clubs and pathways.

The team is made up of Jamie Bain and Rob Parkinson. Jamie is a strength and conditioning coach with over 15 years experience working at the top level of rugby union. Rob is a physiotherapist and performance coach with international and club experience in both rugby union and rugby league.

You can find out more about both of the coaches here

You can read our mission statement here


Absolutely. The app based training platform allows you track your performances during gym sessions and fitness sessions. You can also see estimated optimal loads based on your own estimated 1 RepMax. 

Immediately! Once you have purchased your chosen program you can download the app and using the log details you will create when you sign up you can access all of the Rugby Renegade resources. The majority of our programs follow a weekly plan so you will need to wait until the next Monday to start your training sessions

Yes it is! You can use the links below:

App Store Here

Google Play Here

Providing you are already in good health, anyone! The programs have been written for rugby players but anyone looking to increase strength, speed, power, fitness or body composition can benefit from our programming!

The Rugby Renegade Training products are written to be as complete as possible. Most gyms and training facilities should have all of the equipment you’ll need. 

As well as a gym you’ll need access to a rugby field or open space for a number of the conditioning sessions

In short, Everything! With all of our training programs, signature programs and memberships you get full access to the Rugby Renegade training resources, nutritional support, demonstration videos, discount codes with our partners, recovery sessions and support from the Renegade team.

Whether it is due to injury or equipment availability, you have the ability to search our exercise database for suitable replacement exercises that way you’re not going to miss out on the load or the training focus. If you’re still struggling then you can always book a 1:1 coaching call.

The great thing about our app based training platform is that you can contact the Rugby Renegade coaches directly if you need help or guidance during your training. No additional groups or log-in needed!

The cyclical and seasonal nature of our program means that if you stay on it you should see continued improvement year on year. We are also constantly updating and developing the programs too. But if you do want or need to cancel then you can do so at any point. We would always prefer for you to stay on the program and take advantage of all of the Rugby Renegade support in your training but if you do stop your subscription we would always welcome you back!

Do you still have questions?

You can book a free coaching call with us to have a 1:1 chat about how our services can best help you to optimise your training and achieve your training goals

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