10 Questions with Team GB 7s Silver Medalist Sam Cross


DJ. Sam Congratulations on your recent exploits with Team GB in Rio, coming away with a Silver medal!! Everyone at Rugby Renegade was right behind you and our members have a few questions for you, so here we go…

DJ. What  was your favourite part of the S&C training leading into the Rio 2016 sevens?

SC. My favourite part of the training was probably our strength and power block… we trained to get as strong as we could, so we could increase our maximum power output to be as quick and explosive as possible on the field.

DJ. Who was the fittest player in your squad?

SC. There were a few very fit players in our squad but Luke Treharne probably topped it… he could run all day!!!

DJ. Who was the strongest player in your squad?

SC. The strongest player was between Mark Bennett and Phil Burgess. Both squatted and cleaned some seriously heavy weight. A week out of competition in Rio, Phil did a 135kg clean for 2 reps in the Team GB training camp at Belo

DJ. Which opposition player do you respect the most for their fitness/physicality on the world series?

SC. Selesele for Samoa would definitely be up there. He’s extremely fit for a big man and has been huge for Samoa on the circuit this season. He carries hard, makes big hits and is also great in the air.

DJ. What’s your favourite exercise in the gym?

SC. My favourite exercise would have to be bench press… I think it’s a valleys thing!

DJ. What music do you like to listen to while training?

SC. When I’m in the gym the artists that feature the most on my playlist would be Kanye West, Craig David and the occasional Justin Bieber.

DJ. What part of S&C training do you like the least?

SC. Has to be the 30:15 or the Watt test… two maximum effort fitness tests we use regularly to track and increase our fitness as it’s a huge part of the game.

DJ. Which S&C coach has had the greatest influence on your career? 

SC. The S&C coach that has had the biggest influence on my career would have to be the Greyhound, Wayne Proctor. Having met him at 19, I was very young and new to professional rugby. Procs did a lot of work with me, getting me physically and mentally prepared for the challenges of the World Series Sevens circuit with some gruelling sessions!!

DJ. How do you think players could best find their way into rugby sevens?

SC. At the moment in the UK there are a lot of different ways to get involved in 7s. There is the option of playing in invitational tournaments worldwide, in locations such as Dubai, Hong Kong and Amsterdam for the likes of Samurai, The Penguins and Wyvern Harlequins.

Another route is via rugby sevens academies running all over the UK. UR7s and Next Generations 7s run camps all year round in locations like London, Hartpury and Llandovery to name a few… This is a great opportunity for young players to learn the game with top coaches and current international players.

In addition, in Wales the WRU have done a great job in setting up the Fosters 7s which has become a great opportunity for semi-pro players to put their hands up for selection for the National 7s side. I know Gareth Williams pays a close eye to this. Also it’s great that the Welsh regions now compete in the Singha 7s, giving young academy players a chance to express themselves in a high standard sevens tournament. So yes, there are a lot of ways now for players to get involved in sevens and it’s definitely a sport that’s growing rapidly the world over!!

DJ. What’s your next career goal following the success at RIO 2016?

SC. Having signed with Wales 7s my most immediate goal is to help win Wales’ first World Rugby Sevens Series tournament… we have been close a few times, but never got that tournament win.

My next goal is building with Wales 7s to hopefully medal at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in 2018. With a young squad who are all growing in experience and confidence, we have a very exciting journey ahead of us for Wales 7s!!

Everyone at Rugby Renegade are grateful to Sam for giving up his time following such a busy summer!! Best wishes for the season ahead and hopefully a tournament win for Wales 7s!!  #BuildingMachines

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