7 Day Kick Start Video Course – Day 5 Repeatability

Day 5 – Repeatability: The Sprint Fatigue Test
In this video I talk about repeatability and present a very simple way to test it.
A very simple test to do. All you’ll need is a 30m track with 10m run offs at each end, 2 stop watches and a team mate to time you.
Perform a 30m sprint as fast as you can every 30seconds X10 efforts and record the time for each effort. Complete the 30m before decelerating – that is what the 10m run off is for.
Once you have completed the test
  • Average out the times of the first 3 efforts
  • Average out the times of the last 3 efforts
  • Multiply by 100 to see your fatigue index as a %
90%+ : Excellent
85-90% : Good
80-85% : Average
Less than 80% needs work
Give it a go and see where you are!
Get creative and change the test to challenge different areas of your game. Some ideas could centre on:
Sprint repeatability
Offensive carries
Defensive involvements