Deck Of Cards Rugby Fitness Session

It’s difficult to prepare for the game of rugby which is so chaotic and random. You almost need to prepare for the unpreparable! But here is a fitness session that you can’t predict or prepare for to keep you and your toes and get you fitter for rugby!

Enter the Deck of Cards WOD!

It’s deadly simply but if you go at it half assed it could be deadly to you!

All you need is a deck of cards a bit of gym equipment and some creativity.

Assign each suite of cards to an exercise. So you might have:

Hearts: KettleBell SwingsRugby Fitness Session Deck of Cards WOD

Clubs: Burpees

Spades: Box Jumps

Diamonds: Calorie Row

Then you pick the first card out of the deck. The number on the card gives you your reps!

So, if you pull out 5 of spades you perform 5 Box Jumps and then take the next card.

And you continue until you have finished the deck of cards or for a set time if you’re a wimp!

Face cards count as 20 reps and if you have Jokers pick something horrible to throw in like a 500m WattBike or Row or 50 Burpees.

For More Workout Ideas Checkout The Rugby Renegade WOD Bible

Get creative with the exercises and you’ll find you’ll get a lot of use and fun out of this session format!

Give it a go and let us know how you get on!

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