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Fitness for Rugby. A key quality for all players to have. These articles, videos and training programs contain all the information you need!Fitness will always be a key target area in training for rugby. This collection has been put together to provide rugby players with all the information they need to optimise their training and maximise their performances on the rugby field.Specific training methods, the physiology of the energy systems and how to get the most from your fitness training are all covered in depth in this library of resources! Whether you are training individually or with a team these resources will be a huge help in fine tuning your training!

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What Periodization Models Work Best for Rugby Strength and Conditioning Programs?

Join the Rugby Renegade Team Now Strength and conditioning are integral components of a rugby player’s training regimen, and effective periodization is the key to unlocking peak performance on the
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tackle in squat position

Rugby Fitness – 3 Key Training Elements to Maximise Your Game!

Join the Rugby Renegade Team Now When it comes to rugby fitness, the playbook often involves the expected elements: cardiovascular conditioning, agility drills, and endurance training. Yet, there are three
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rugby renegade physio

Rugby Strength Coach: Why You Need one for Rugby

Join the Rugby Renegade Team Now Rugby is a physically demanding sport that requires a high level of fitness, strength, and endurance. To perform at their best, rugby players need
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How Much Fitness Do Rugby Players Need?

Join the Rugby Renegade Team Now Rugby is a physically demanding sport that requires a combination of speed, power, strength, and endurance. Rugby players need to be able to sustain
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5 Things That Will Stop You Improving Your Rugby Performance

As a rugby player, you want to improve your performance on the field. You may be working hard, eating right, and practicing regularly, but there are certain things that could
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Rugby Energy System Training 101

Join Team Renegade! Rugby is a sport that requires high levels of fitness, endurance, and strength. As such, understanding the energy systems used during rugby matches is essential for players
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rugby renegade podcast rich clarke agility

Rugby Renegade Podcast Episode 86: Rich Clarke Agility Special

  Episode 86 we interview Rich Clarke from Strength Coach Curriculums and Lead S&C with Bristol Flyers Basketball. Rich has a wealth of experience in rugby, football and basketball and
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Rugby Renegade Podcast Episode 85: TJ Jankowski from Rugby Muscle

Rugby Renegade Podcast Episode 85: TJ Jankowski from Rugby Muscle

Episode 85 we interview TJ Jankowksi from Rugby Muscle. TJ was once an ambitious rugby player but injuries led him down the coaching and s&c path and now he helps
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Rugby Strength & Conditioning: Heart Rate Training

Heart Rate Zone Training: Rugby Strength & Conditioning

Level Up Your Training Heart rate training is often discussed for endurance athletes but not for team sports and rugby players. And yet pro players all have their heart rates
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Grease The Groove: The “Easy” Way to Increase Strength and Muscular Endurance

The “Easy” Way to Increase Strength and Muscular Endurance

Grease The Groove is a term popularised by Pavel Tsatsouline who is the godfather of modern day kettlebell training. It involves performing multiple sets of an exercise with tons of
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