How Often Should I Test My 1RM? Rugby Strength Training

We get asked regularly how often you should test your 1RM and as we use percentage based programming for our core lifts on the Rugby Renegade programme it’s not a surprise. Using percentage based training is a great way to consistently progress your strength and power. Check out this video we made to explain how often you should test your 1RM:

Rugby Strength Training: How Often Should I Test My 1RM

So there you go, remember you’re a rugby player not a powerlifter or weightlifter. So long as your rep maxes are increasing your 1RM will be to. Use rep max sets to track your progress and keep you motivated with your progress!

Heres a link to our 1RM Calculator

If you are serious about increasing your 1RM and strength checkout our Stronger For Rugby Programme!

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