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Bigger For Rugby

9 Week Muscle Gain Program
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Transform Your Physique and Performance with Our Proven Rugby-Specific Muscle Gain Program

Rugby Renegades are your premier rugby training and development company. We are excited to introduce our Bigger For Rugby program, a 9-week muscle gain program specifically designed to increase your muscle mass, strength, and overall performance on the rugby field.

Our Bigger For Rugby program uses hypertrophy techniques that we’ve had the best results with and have developed over years of working with professional rugby players. We’ve carefully crafted a periodised plan that ensures continuous gains throughout the 9-week program.

What’s Included in our Bigger For Rugby Program?

A Rugby Specific program to Build Muscle and improve performance.
Explainer Videos on the Best Muscle Gain Training Techniques.
HD Exercise Demo Videos.
Access to our Training APP to make sessions easy to follow at the gym.
Rugby Renegade Nutrition Manual eBook & High Protein Recipes eBook.
Access to our coaches to get inspired and have your questions answered.

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How Gaining Muscle with Our 9-Week Bigger For Rugby Program Will Make You a Better Rugby Player

Rugby is a physically demanding sport that requires strength, power, and endurance. Gaining muscle through our 9-week Bigger For Rugby program is designed to help you become a better rugby player by directly addressing these key components of the game.

Building muscle mass through our Bigger For Rugby program will lead to increased strength, allowing you to generate more force in your tackles, rucks, and scrums. This newfound power will give you a competitive edge over your opponents, enabling you to dominate the field and make game-changing plays.

Gaining functional muscle will not only make you stronger but also improve your speed and agility. The Bigger For Rugby program focuses on developing muscles that contribute to explosive movements, helping you accelerate faster, change direction more effectively, and evade tackles with ease.

The muscle gains you achieve through our program will also contribute to improved endurance on the field. Stronger muscles are more resistant to fatigue, allowing you to maintain a high level of performance throughout the entire match. This increased stamina will help you outlast your opponents and make a significant impact in the closing stages of the game.

With increased muscle mass comes better stability and balance, which are essential for maintaining control in various rugby situations. The Bigger For Rugby program will help you develop a strong core and lower body, enabling you to stay on your feet during tackles and maintain possession in challenging situations.

Finally, building muscle through our program will help reduce your risk of injury. Stronger muscles provide better support to your joints and tendons, making them less susceptible to strains and sprains. By participating in the Bigger For Rugby program, you’ll be investing in your long-term health and rugby career.

What Can You Expect from the Bigger For Rugby Program?

Build Functional Muscle: Our program focuses on muscle growth that directly translates to improved performance on the field, making you a more powerful and effective rugby player.

Optimise Your Training: We’ll provide you with a structured and efficient training plan that maximizes your time in the gym, ensuring you get the best results possible.

Improve Your Nutrition: Our program includes nutrition education and guidance, helping you develop better eating habits to support your muscle gain and overall health.

Get Stronger: As you progress through the program, you’ll notice significant improvements in your strength, enabling you to dominate your opponents on the field.

Become Bigger for Rugby: Ultimately, our program is designed to help you become a more formidable rugby player by increasing your size, strength, and performance.

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