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Mission Statement

Rugby Renegade Mission Statement

Rugby Renegade works with rugby players at all levels and ages to get them stronger, fitter, faster and more robust so they can dominate their opposition on the rugby field. Whether you are pursuing a team or individual goal getting your training and recovery right are the foundations that you need to achieve success.

Rugby Renegade has a rare if not unique collaboration between Strength and Conditioning and Sports Physiotherapy. Collectively, our staff has over 20 years combined experience at the elite level of rugby union and rugby league and we bring the best practices and techniques from both codes to our clients. We have worked with players at the top of international, European and domestic competitions, and we know the time, effort and resources that go into developing elite rugby players.

We also know that it is unlikely that amateur players will receive even close to a fraction of the support they need to be the best players they can be, prevent injuries and improve their physical capacities. Rugby Renegade aims to provide you with your very own support staff helping you cut through the noise and train how rugby players should train. Our programming is specific for rugby, which means you will get the most bang for your buck on the field.

We are committed to supporting rugby players so they can get as close to professional preparation as possible and we do this in two main ways; education and athlete support.


We provide free information because we want to help players and coaches learn best practice from coaches who have worked at the top level of the game. We share a love of the game with our clients and we know the importance of being physically ready for the demands on the field.

Athlete Support Packages

We want all players to access programming and coaching from experienced coaches and physios. We have a number of options to suit all requirements that players can use to receive high end support.

  • Firstly our monthly membership programming. This provides an easy way for any player to receive a periodised training plan designed to improve athleticism for rugby. The programme includes specific pre-season, in season and off-season blocks and as a member you receive weekly gym sessions, on field conditioning, injury prevention and recovery sessions.
  • For anyone who needs a more individualised approach we offer online coaching for a bespoke program designed for you and your goals.
  • We also offer a physio consultation service so you can be reviewed by an elite rugby physio and get a rehab plan to get you out on the pitch fast and put your injury worries behind you.

We don’t know anywhere else that you can get supported by not just an experienced rugby S&C Coach but also an experienced rugby Physio and have them collaborate to give you the best results possible.

We are passionate about improving the standard of rugby performance support to ALL players and we hope to have you part of our Rugby Renegade Team!

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