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Rugby Renegade Signature Programs
The "For Rugby" Series

Rugby Renegades signature training programs for rugby: A tried and tested system with a specific program designed for all rugby players to achieve their goals.

All of our Signature programs are delivered directly through our training app and include all of the benefits of the Rugby Renegade membership.

Tier 1
The Foundations

Ready For Rugby

A specific, progressive 9 week introduction to rugby training.

Whether you are new to training in the gym for rugby, or you are getting back to training after a long period out, this program is for you!

It has a specific focus on building solid movement and fitness foundations

Tier 2
The Non Negotiables

Leaner For Rugby

Focus on getting your body composition on point with our specific 6 week Fat Loss Challenge to get rugby players leaner, fitter and more effective on the rugby field.

Fitter For Rugby

The ultimate 9 week program to improve your on-field fitness for rugby!
More than just running!

Bigger For Rugby

Pack size with this gym and nutrition 9 Week Muscle Gain program designed to help you get bigger and improve your rugby performance!

Stronger For Rugby

Strength is THE foundational physical quality. Maximise your strength in key lifts and see your impact on the field increase, just as your lifting will with this program!

Tier 3
The Elites

Faster For Rugby

Speed kills so we've developed a program with specific sessions for straight line speed, accelerations, decelerations and agility!

Power For Rugby

This program covers the gym sessions needed to jump higher, break tackles, and smash the opposition!
Power separates an average player from the greats!

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