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Richard Hibbard

British & Irish Lions, Barbarians, Wales and Newport Gwent Dragons

“I was fortunate enough to work with Jamie and Rob during my time at Gloucester. For a rugby player at any level who is hoping to improve their game, you won’t find a better team to provide your programming. There isn’t a similar program out there where you can access the level of knowledge and experience that the guys at Rugby Renegade will provide you with.”


Billy Burns

Fly Half, Ulster Rugby Union

“These guys have worked at the top of both rugby codes for years. Rugby Renegade presents an amazing opportunity for everyday players and coaches to get the level of gym programs, injury prevention and rehab from injury that is usually reserved for professional athletes.”

Callum Braley

Italy & Benneton

It’s great to see the expertise Rugby Renegade are putting together, I’ve worked closely with them in my career and their knowledge in rugby is exceptional. From their experience in the professional game they’ve got all the tools to help with gym programming and rehab specifically for this great sport. From my time playing professionally they have helped me with great strength and power gains, along with improving my functional core to help with my back issues.


Mariano Galarza

Argentina & Bayonne

Rugby Renegade is simply the best option out there for rugby athletes looking to develop all the physical characteristics that will make you better on the field. There’s so much information out there and so much of it is not what rugby players need. Rugby Renegade provide their clients with programs every day covering, strength, injury prevention and recovery sessions – all written specifically for rugby


David DiFrancesco

Rugby Player

“At 32 years old I needed help staying competitive with outside backs nearly a decade younger than myself.  After trying my own programming for a while without noticeable results I decided to look into some professional help. I’ve followed rugby renegade on social media and loved their content so I gave it a go.  Jamie exceeded my expectations. He took my past injuries, goals, time, and available equipment into consideration when making my program. He was very responsive along the way when I had questions or concerns and made sure I was able to stay on track.  I came I’m with a goal to be bigger, stronger, and faster. After 3 months I’m up 11 lbs of lean muscle. My bench PR increased 15lbs and my squat increased 30 lbs, all while increasing my acceleration and top speed! Anyone looking to improve their performance on the pitch I’d recommend giving Jamie’s programming a try.”


Sione Kalamafoni

Leicester Tigers & Tonga

“I’ve worked with Rugby Renegade to develop in the gym and to recover from injury. Their focus is always to prioritize what will help develop and improve onfield performance. No noise, no fads, just the correct program implemented in the right way, at the right time. Their experience in the field has allowed them to develop the knowledge of what rugby players need and that is exactly what they deliver. ”


Brayden Wiliame

St George Illawarra Dragons & Fiji

These guys have worked at the top level in both codes and having worked with Rob over a number of seasons I’m happy to say that his level of knowledge is outstanding. He always knew when to progress or reduce training to suit my needs and I always felt part of the process. I’m happy to recommend Rugby Renegade to any athlete looking to improve their game

rugby renegade physio

Mauro Saez

Rugby Player

“All of my lifts have increased by a significant amount and I’ve put on 2kgs of lean mass. It was a great experience that allowed me to dive in further into the pro rugby, I’d recommend it to some of my teammates who could use a bit of extra training! In 8 weeks: Bench press went from 115 to 120, Clean went from 100 to 110, Squat went from 5 reps @100 to 8”

Josh Rowlands

Online client & strength and conditioning coach

“Rob’s knowledge is second to none and provided myself with an excellent re-hab programme which improved my injury within weeks where other physiotherapist failed to do so. The fact that Rob works with elite athletes on a daily basis allows him to understand where I want to get back to in terms of my physical performance and not just not be able to do daily general task. I have worked with other physical practitioners in the past, the difference in knowledge and service between them and Rugby Renegade is worlds apart!”


Ori Abutbul

Online client & Israeli National Player 15's and 7's

“I needed year long planning for rugby work gym etc. I chose to work with Rugby Renegade because they had the best background I saw in rugby strength and conditioning. Jamie has a solution for everything from strength, speed, agility and fitness. Everything was easy to understand a high standard and I was doing what I needed and not what just looks good. Working with Rugby Renegade is the best thing I did for my rugby and I’d recommend them 300%! Some of the gains I’ve made include: Squat 200, Bench 135, Deadlift 200, Chin Up 60 kg and Rugby Renegade helped me return from ACL reconstruction.”

Greg Bird

Australia, New South Wales & Catalans Dragons Rugby League

I started working with Rob and the guys from Rugby Renegade after 15 years in professional sport. During my twilight years they got me back on the field through physiotherapy and rehab strategies and kept me there through prehab and injury prevention programs. I only wish I started working with them earlier


rugby renegade physio
rugby renegade physio

Louis Anderson

New Zealand Rugby League

Rob joined us at Catalan Dragons in 2018 after a poor season in 2017. That year we won the first ever major trophy, The Challenge Cup, and a huge part of our success was due to the great management and care of our players throughout the campaign. Robs professionalism and positive energy had a great effect and influence on our results throughout the year. Now he’s putting that knowledge and professionalism into Rugby Renegade.

New Zealand and Catalans Dragons

Ryan Gibney

Head Strength Coach The Athlete Factory

I have just finished reading the Rugby Renegade stronger for rugby plan, This is a great 12 week progressive plan I highly recommend for the modern rugby player or anybody that is serious about getting stronger and improving overall performance.

I found this program to be a really well planned out and put together plan, utilizing proven methods I use myself to get Rugby players strong and improve athleticism and more injury resilient in the shortest possible time.

Great work Guys


Membership Program: Off Season 1920 Block 2 – Day 24 Injury Prevention. Adductors

Conor Bateman

Amateur Rugby Player

I liked the fact that everything was given to you, exercise videos and what weight to use etc. It changed my body composition hugely in a positive way! Big PRs and I felt fitter and stronger on the pitch. I really like the app which is good to look back on the history of exercises

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