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WARNING! We Build Machines



For years now we have been helping rugby players get fitter, faster, stronger and stay injury free through our online membership programme. We’ve seen great results but we know you guys want more! We are opening our online coaching to provide a small number of serious rugby players who want to improve their performance and dominate their opposition. We will provide these players with a bespoke service, and identify exactly what they need to do to enhance their performance whilst providing them with custom programming to help them achieve their goals.



Thats right! We’ve worked with some of the top players and teams in rugby and all our methods are tried and tested on players from All Blacks through to local club rugby. We know rugby performance and we know how to improve it!



  • A Bespoke Individual Training Programme Based On You and Your Goals all delivered via our app based training platform
  • Strength Training Programming
  • Conditioning Programming
  • Speed & Agility Programming
  • Injury Prevention Programmes
  • 24hr Access to Coach Support (we can adjust things as we go for best results)
  • Performance & Health tracking through our app and your wearable device (apple watch, garmin, whoop, oura and more)
  • Access to ALL of our Ebooks
  • No Contract/ Cancel at Anytime


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If you want a 100% individualised programme backed by science and developed through experience working with some of the top players in the game you’ve come to the right place. This isn’t for everyone though and that is why it is application only. Time wasters, whingers, and whiners need not apply! But if you are mentally, physically and financially ready to do what needs to be done to take your performance to the next level click the button below.


“All of my lifts have increased by a significant amount and I’ve put on 2kgs of lean mass. It was a great experience that allowed me to dive in further into the pro rugby, I’d recommend it to some of my teammates who could use a bit of extra training! In 8 weeks: Bench press went from 115 to 120, Clean went from 100 to 110, Squat went from 5 reps @100 to 8”
Mauro Saez
"Jamie’s passion for his work is undeniable. Having only worked with Jamie for a short amount of time, I have already seen his extensive knowledge of strength and conditioning.Being in the stage of my rugby career I am, Jamie has guided me well through maintaining a high level of conditioning throughout the season.He has also nurtured me back to fitness on several occasions, when inevitably... rugby injuries occur. All done with a huge amount of positive energy, a smile and a joke. Always enjoy walking in to a gym session with Jamie"
rugby renegade online coaching
Chris Czekaj
"I wasn't seeing results in training and saw they were doing a 50% off deal during covid so I could try them out to see if they suited me! I was given specific training and clear training programs so I knew exactly what I was doing, there was good communication throughout. My cardio improved and muscles became more defined. Jamie kept updated with how I was getting on and always replied quickly to any questions. It gave me more confidence cause I knew what I was supposed to be doing and how hard I should be pushing myself. I always felt energised cause I was told how much I should rest my body."
rugby renegade online coaching
Edward Armstrong
"Jamie has the perfect balance of fun and hard work and understands how to get the best out of his players. His training methods are well thought out and he adapts them to the individuals he is dealing with preseason speed work was some of the best I’ve done. He’s up there with the top S&C’s I’ve worked with during my career"
rugby renegade online coaching
Lee Dixon
“At 32 years old I needed help staying competitive with outside backs nearly a decade younger than myself. After trying my own programming for a while without noticeable results I decided to look into some professional help. I’ve followed rugby renegade on social media and loved their content so I gave it a go. Jamie exceeded my expectations. He took my past injuries, goals, time, and available equipment into consideration when making my program. He was very responsive along the way when I had questions or concerns and made sure I was able to stay on track. I came I’m with a goal to be bigger, stronger, and faster. After 3 months I’m up 11 lbs of lean muscle. My bench PR increased 15lbs and my squat increased 30 lbs, all while increasing my acceleration and top speed! Anyone looking to improve their performance on the pitch I’d recommend giving Jamie’s programming a try.”
David DiFrancesco
“I can only train 3 times per week and I wanted to get the most out of it. Since first month I started to feel stronger but not tired. My sessions were goal focused, really fun to do and really matched my training schedule and available equipment. The main result was related to the 24 Kettlebell. On Day zero I was not able to floor press it and it seemed impossible to do a Kettlebell press (overhead). Within third month I was able to perform 80reps/arm of 1-Arm Floor press in a single training session. On Fifth month I was finally able to perform the Overhead press. 5 sets of 2 reps and still room to improve. For me working with Rugby Renegade was a "game" changer. I feel stronger, healthier and I enjoy every training day. I tried different concepts and methods before but after being coached by Jamie I finally found what works for me.”
rugby renegade online coaching
Bogdan Parvu


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