An Open Letter To Strength & Conditioning Interns – From a Rugby Strength Coach Legend!

In Episode 2 of the Rugby Renegade Podcast we interviewed legendary rugby strength coach Ashley Jones. Ashley has worked with some of the most successful rugby clubs and international teams and has developed a wonderful reputation with players and coaches alike. Recently Ashley got in touch with us as he had given some advice to a rugby strength and conditioning intern who had got in touch with him and he thought it would be advice worth sharing. We whole heartedly agree! So here it is starting with the email he received:

Hi There,
I have recently listened to your podcast on rugby renegade, I’d be grateful if you took the time to answer my question! I have just been accepted to be a strength and conditioning intern at the cornish pirates following my degree, is there anything you would look for in interns your working alongside?
Thank you!

Firstly, Well done to Sam for making the effort to approach Ashley, what better way to find out how to begin your strength and conditioning career than using advice from a decorated rugby strength coach. Here is Ashley’s response:

Hi Sam, congrats on your appointment,
I would expect you to be at the office by 7:30 each morning,
I would expect to see you training in the gym,
I would expect you to be in the process of obtaining your UKSCA or CSCS,
I would give you a paper a week to review and then we would discuss it together or as a staff,
Be punctual for all sessions, Lombardi time 5 minutes early is already 10 minutes late,
I would want to know what web sites you look at regularly and what books you are currently reading and what you feel you would most benefit on for CPD,
Be professionally attired, proactive, ask questions,
Keep a notebook with you at all times and jot down thoughts ideas questions to seek clarification on later,
Show me you are a team player and not some kid who feels he has a sense of entitlement to be here,
confidence never arrogance,
Show me everyday that you believe in being a part of something bigger than just you, bring the passion
and joy everyday since it is an honour and a privilege to work with the people we work with, be better today than you were yesterday, as Dave Tate says “Passion trumps everything”
Be happy doing every job given to you, you have to serve before you can lead, and as JJ Watt said:
“success is never permanent it is on a mortgage and payment is due everyday”
Ask every question you want even if you think it is dumb, keep your mind open to ideas everyone can teach you something
Make your bed everyday
If you do not know say so do not try and fudge
If you make a mistake – fess up
Always tell the truth you never have to remember the truth
No talking behind backs if you have a problem with someone talk face to face
Always answer emails promptly
Thank people
Say please
If you say you are going to do something do it
If you open something close it, if you take/use something put it back 
Keep your gym clean even if you did not mess it up 
Respect is earned 
There are 3 types of people, one walks past rubbish and does not even see it, another sees it but does nothing about it, the third sees it recognises what it is picks it up and disposes it appropriately
Be yourself
Have a great time cheers ashley

So there you have it some awesome advice for strength and conditioning interns from a rugby strength coach legend! Hell not just interns but anyone will benefit from these words! Thank you Ashley for sharing it with us and Team Renegade. Please share this so others may benefit from it.

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