Life on a Rugby Strength and Conditioning Internship

Today’s Blog article is written by Dan Peacock Strength and Conditioning Intern at Gloucester Rugby:

Gaining the ExperienceRugby strength training

In an ever developing field such as Strength and Conditioning it is vital to gain hands on experience wherever possible to really test your ability to actually coach athletes. This can be utilised at any level, just expose yourself to coaching.

I’ve been lucky enough to gain a full time internship with Aviva Premiership Rugby Union side, Gloucester Rugby. Working alongside top level professional athletes, conditioners and physiotherapists.

However, I am also doing this whilst also studying my degree based at Hartpury College. This comes with numerous benefits, liaising with some of the best professionals at such an early age in my career. Anyone can get a degree, but can you apply it within the field?

What an Internship entails

Each employer will vary in terms of their interpretation of what an Intern’s main roles should involve. However, there needs to be a point whereby you as a coach gain some form of development in relation to testing your coaching ability. This said, expect to do the ‘dirty jobs,’ you are, at the end of the day, on the start of the ladder within the industry.

The benefits you gain in terms of hands on experience will out weigh the so called ‘tedious jobs.’ The large majority have been in this position before. In regards to my first year with Gloucester my main roles varied. The first job was to produce the daily supplementation for the players and actually greet the guys. Throughout the day I would liaise with the Senior Sports Scientist helping assist with arranging the GPS Units and RPE collection, attend and assist both senior weights and rugby sessions.

On top of this I would also attend Lectures throughout the day. During the evening I would help assist with Junior Academy Weights sessions to further test my coaching ability. Ultimately, you will most likely be one of the first staff members to arrive and the last to leave.

Balancing Education with Work

If you’re planning to gain an internship whilst also studying in full time education you will have to make social sacrifices, forget about your student life! I’m in a position where I can utilise top level experience whilst also getting my qualifications.

In hindsight I’m hopefully three years ahead of the game when I finish my degree and become more employable by essentially working full time as an intern. There will come a time when university work takes over, at this point don’t be afraid to say and the time required for studying will be made!

dan peacock

Dan Peacock, Gloucester Rugby, Hartpury College, Strength and Conditioning BSc.

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