Adductor Injury Prevention: Rugby Proof

For our first in season injury prevention block we will be looking at the adductors (groin). It’s another group of muscles that are susceptible to tears, strains and tendon issues and also form part of a troublesome triad that includes adductor issues, hernias and Osteitis Pubis (pain at the bottom of the pelvis between the joint the joints the two halves of the pelvis together anteriorly. Needless to say, weak, poorly functioning adductors can predispose us to a number of troublesome injuries that can keep us off the field and keep reoccurring unless they are dealt with properly. This injury prevention block will give you some tools to mobilise, activate and strengthen the adductor group whilst working the core at the same time. The adductors don’t function in isolation; they are constantly working with the trunk above it, especially the obliques and they form a functional unit that stabilizes the body during accelerations, decelerations, lateral and rotational movements – all key movements on the rugby field.


The adductors are made up of a group of muscles in the inner thigh. The longest is the gracilis, the largest that acts both as an adductor and a hamstring is the adductor magnus which is located towards the back of the thigh. Then follows the adductor longus, the adductor brevis and the pectineus, these muscles reduce in size and are positioned closer to the front of the hip as you work down the list. This can all be seen in the diagram here.

Membership Program Pre Season 2021 Block 3 – Day 03 Injury Prevention – Adductors

Once you have taken a look at our injury prevention exercises make sure you read the other injury prevention articles so you can be truly Rugby Proof!

Our exercise demos are designed to help educate you. They’re not to take the place of a proper physio assessment. If you need a full training program then take a look at our members area – daily training sessions and dedicated injury prevention content and programs for you to work through too.

We’ve included some useful adductor exercise demos for you here but you can find the full list on in our YouTube playlist. We’re always adding to our library so make sure you subscribe to the channel and our email list so you can stay up to date with all of our content.

Adductor Squeeze Series

Adductor Bridge "Copenhagens"

Adductor Sliders

Adductor Wall Leans

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