6 (more!) Rowing Sessions for Rugby

We love the Concept 2 Rower as an off feet conditioning tool for rugby and have written about some good sessions before Here and Here. Since we published those articles we have used numerous rowing sessions for rugby conditioning and here are 6 of our favourites for you to try…

Rowing Session for Rugby 1

Death by Tabata

20s Work : 10s Rest x10 Reps

x4 sets

2min Rest between sets

Target: >100m per rep Fwds, >90m per rep Backs

Duration: 26mins


Rowing Session for Rugby 2

Calorie Counting

0:00 35 cals

3:00 35 cals

6:00 35 cals

9:00 25 cals

11:00 25 cals

13:00 25 cals

15:00 15 cals

16:00 15 cals

17:00 15 cals

Rowing Session for Rugby 3


1min Rest

Target Backs: <1:50min per rep

Target Fwds: <1:40min per rep

Duration: 23mins

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Rowing Session for Rugby 4

Rowing Golf

1min on : 1min off x10 reps

Par = 291-309m per rep

+1 = 279-290m per rep

-1 = 310-319m per rep

Every 10m above or below = extra -1 or +1

Target Backs = Par

Target Fwds = -15

Duration: 19min

Rowing Session for Rugby 5

The Leeds Test

30s on : 30s off x6 Reps

Maximum Effort!

Target Backs: 970m

Target Fwds: 1000m

Duration: 6mins (+recovery!)

Rowing Session for Rugby 6


2min Rest

Target Backs: 4:30 min

Target Fwds: 4:10 min

Duration 27min

There you go, 6 rowing sessions for rugby that you can easily add to your rugby workout. Have a go at them and be sure to let us know how you get on!

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