Rugby Renegade WOD Bible

Have you ever found yourself blowing in a game?

Have you ever looked up from a ruck and prayed that your fly half has kicked the leather off the ball and its gone into touch os you can have a breather?

Have you ever been bored and wanted to train but didn’t have an idea of what to do?

Have you ever thought I need to get fitter for my team but I don’t know where to start?

Have you ever been stuck somewhere where you can’t get to the gym and needed a way train?

Are you bored of the same old sessions you’ve been doing with your club and what to do something challenging and different?

If you answered yes to any of these questions… then the Rugby Renegade WOD Bible is for you!

wattbike rugby renegade strength and conditioning

We’ve put together over 2 decades of experience working in Pro Rugby and 2 years programming with Rugby Renegade to give you the ultimate fitness sessions for rugby compiled in one eBook – The Rugby Renegade WOD Bible.

We are known for our kickass metabolic conditioning sessions and we provide you with 52 of our most fun, challenging and effective metcons that we have used to get great results right here on Rugby

Not only that but we provide countless examples of great programmes for different circumstances and equipment available.

We teach you how to write your own conditioning sessions and give you easy to pick sessions if you don’t have time and just need to grab a session and hit the gym!

It can be used as a reference book or a an easy fix when you are stuck for something to do.

This can help take your rugby conditioning to the next level and help you become a machine! All you have to do is train like a beast!

Buy the Rugby Renegade WOD Bible now

Rugby Renegade WOD Bible

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