Rugby Strength Training: The 1.5 Rep Method

The 1.5 Rep Method is a cool technique to use to keep things fresh and of course get you bigger and stronger for rugby! Checkout the video below for an explanation…

Rugby Strength Training: 1.5 Rep Method

Who Should Use The 1.5 Rep Method?

As always your training should be dictated by your goals. The 1.5 Rep Method is perfect for two main goals:


The main effect of The 1.5 Rep Method is increasing the Time Under Tension of each set, which is a perfect stimulus for hypertrophy. This makes it the ideal training technique for athletes looking to build muscle especially in the offseason. For best results use sets of 6-10 reps and 3-4 sets.

Strengthening a Weak Spot

The more time you spend in a weak spot the quicker you’ll get stronger there! Thats why the 1.5 Rep Method is so good at bringing up weak points in a lift. Consider the bottom of a squat where everyone finds it tough to “get out”, using The 1.5 Rep Method a set of 6 reps will actually be 12 reps out of “the hole”. This does of course limit the amount of weight you can use so you should still do some heavy lifting along side The 1.5 Rep Method.

Wrap Up

The 1.5 Rep Method when used in conjunction with a sensible strength programme will add a fun and challenging twist to your workouts. Most importantly it will help you get through stubborn strength plateaus on stalled lifts and get you bigger and stronger for rugby. Who doesn’t want that?!

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