Rugby Strength Training: The Double Progression Method

Making progress when you train is hugely important and we’ve written about that before here: Progression Methods. The simplest ways to progress is to increase load on the bar or number of reps performed. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen easily for everyone and we often hit plateaus. Well the double progression method combines the two to allow you to progress at each workout. Here’s how it works:

Rugby Strength Training: Double Progression Method

Here’s an example:

Your programme says 4 Sets x 4-6 Reps

You pick a weight to use for all 4 sets and your sets look like this:

Set 1 – 6 Reps

Set 2 – 6 Reps

Set 3 – 5 Reps

Set 4 – 4 Reps

At the next workout you stick with the same weight and shoot for 6 reps on all 4 sets.

If you get 6 reps on every set you increase the weight slightly at the next workout.

It might take you 2, 3 or even 4 workouts before you increase the load but that doesn’t matter because you still progress slightly each time.

It’s impossible to continually put more weight on the bar but the double progression method will help you progress at a steady rate and make plateaus a thing of the past!

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