Stronger For Rugby: 12 Week Rugby Strength Program

If you want to get stronger for rugby you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together another of our awesome rugby training ebooks purposefully designed for rugby players who need to get stronger for rugby fast! We’ve included our “go to” strength training methods for when we need guaranteed results.
Strength is massively important for rugby players. Not just so you’re stronger than the opposition but because strength lays the foundation for all physical qualities. If you are strong you have the potential to get faster, more powerful, agile and fitter as well as be injury resilient. Thats why we take strength development for rugby so seriously.
“Wicked programme! Definitely reccomend it!” – Daryl Treacy

stronger for rugby“I have just finished reading the Rugby Renegade stronger for rugby plan, This is a great 12 week progressive plan I highly recommend for the modern rugby player or anybody that is serious about getting stronger and improving overall performance.

I found this program to be a really well planned out and put together plan, utilizing proven methods I use myself to get Rugby players strong and improve athleticism and more injury resilient in the shortest possible time.

Great work Guys”


Ryan Gibney – Head Strength Coach The Athlete Factory

We’ve written a lot of strength training programs for our players and the methods used in the Stronger For Rugby program are the ones we have found best for increasing strength for rugby and breaking through the most stubborn strength plateaus.

rugby renegade app

Even better news our Stronger For Rugby Program is now delivered through the Teambuildr App making it even easier to follow and keep track of your strength gains!

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