Top 5 Watt Bike Sessions For Rugby

The WattBike is an excellent conditioning tool for rugby. Don’t get me wrong, it can’t replace running, but can be a great alternative. If you have an upper limb injury and or your joints can’t tolerate as much running volume – the WattBike is for you. Here are out top 5 Watt Bike Sessions for Rugby!

If you have access to a WattBike you are at a definite advantage. Here are 5 sessions I have used with great success…

1. 10x6s Sprints with 1min rest

This is a great speed endurance session that is ideal for backs and only takes 10 minutes. Ensure max effort on each rep and aim for over 120m in 6 seconds (the best I’ve seen is 135m). Trust me it’s amazing how long 6 seconds feels on the WattBike!

2. 6x500m 2min rest

wattbike rugby renegade strength and conditioning

This is a tough lactic acid tolerance session that gives a crazy leg pump! For Backs aim for sub 34 secs each rep and Forwards sub 32 secs. I’ve only seen 3 players get sub 30s for all 6 reps which is an impressive feat.

3. Clock Face: 1200m / 1100m /1000m…. 300m / 200m / 100m

To be clear you start at 1200m and work all the way down to 100m with just 60 secs rest between. Start at a moderate pace and try to increase with each rep. For a horrible mental challenge try beginning at 100m and going up to 1200m!

4. 4x4mins 2min rest

This is a great aerobic workout. For Backs aim to complete 2750m and Forwards 2900m in the 4 minutes. A real challenge and target to hit is 3km on each rep. The 2 minute rest period fly’s by on these!

5. 2km 2min rest, 1500m 90sec rest, 1km 60s rest, 500m 30sec rest, 250m 3min rest, 5km

Another good aerobic session that gives a little more variety. Start at around a 1:18/1km pace and increase each rep. Sprint the 250m. A good target for the 5km is sub 7:15 but I have seen players go sub 7mins which is impressive after the other work.

Give some of these a try and you are sure to get fitter. You may also develop somewhat of a love hate relationship with the WattBike!

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