Beastly Rugby Training Circuits with Ashley Jones

We’ve written before about the efficacy of combining resistance training and traditional cardio for an ashley jones rugby renegadeawesome rugby fitness workout so here is the brainchild of Ashley Jones an extremely experienced strength coach who knows how to get rugby players fitter for rugby. He calls them Beastly Circuits…

What is a Beastly Circuit?

Basically Ashley combines a barbell complex of 6 exercises performed for 6 reps each with 3 mins of conditioning and then repeats for 6 sets total! Here are the 2 options that Ashley recommends:

Beastly Circuit 1

Deadlift x6

Hang Power Clean x6

Front Squat x6

Push Press x6

Bent Over Row x6

Romanian Deadlift x6

3mins Conditioning

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Beastly Circuit 2

Power Snatch x6

Overhead Squat x6

Push Jerk Behind the Neck x6

Good Morning x6

Jump Squat x6

Hang Power Clean x6

3mins Conditioning

Conditioning Options

Your conditioning method will depend on your goals and what equipment you have access to but here’s some of the conditioning blocks we’ve seen Ashley use:

3mins Bike (especially WattBike!)

3mins Jump Rope


  • 2000m WattBike (sets 1&4)
  • 750m Row (sets 2&5)
  • 750m Ski Erg (sets 3&6)

VO2 grid for three minutes, 50 meters in 10 seconds, 25 meters in 10 seconds. Continuous for three minutes.

1 x 22m, rest five seconds, 2 x 22m, rest 10 seconds, 3 x 22m, rest 15 seconds. Repeat for three minutes.

Rest Period?!

Now if you’re wondering how long to rest between sets, don’t! Your rest between the barbell complexes is the 3mins of conditioning then you’re straight back in! Enjoy!

Wrap Up

So there you have it a great training method form one of the most successful and experienced strength coaches in rugby. Beastly Circuits are a great way to get fitter for rugby, give them a go and let us know how you get on! oh and keep a bucket nearby!

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