Rugby Renegade Podcast 30 – Christian Thibaudeau Part Deux!

Episode 30 we invited Christian Thibaudeau back on the podcast because we both felt we left loads out of the previous podcast!! Today’s Podcast is sponsored by our partners

Topics covered include:rugby renegade podcast christian thibaudeau

  • Cluster Training
  • Why you might be over-doing plyometrics
  • How to monitor your fatigue levels
  • What we can learn from bodybuilders
  • When to change exercises
  • The difference between bands & chains
  • His Ketogenic Diet & why you need Carbs
  • And Tons more!

We’d like to thank Christian for coming back on the podcast to talk with us and wish him all the best for the future.

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Here is the book Christian mentions in the podcast:

& Here are some of Christian’s books:

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