Rugby Renegade Podcast Episode 82: Warren Bradley Blood Flow Restriction & Hytro

Episode 81 we interview Warren Bradley from Hytro. Warren is an experienced nutritionist having worked with Munster, Leicester, England 7’s and Team GB 7’s. He has also cofounded Hytro who make the first user friendly Blood Flow Restriction garments which some top teams are currently using.

Topics covered include:

  • What is Blood Flow Restriction?
  • What benefits can rugby players get from BFR
  • Why they created Hytro and why it’s such a good product
  • Nutrition for rugby players
  • Safety concerns wit BFR
  • Understanding “fuelling” performance
  • And Tons more!

We’d like to thank Warren for coming on the podcast to talk with us and wish him all the best for the future.

Check out Hytro Website Here:

Checkout Hytro Instagram Here: @Hytro_

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