Rugby Strength & Conditioning: Dumbbell Complexes

We’ve written about barbell complexes before and know that they are great for building strength, muscle, conditioning and hell, they are a lot of fun! So as we know many Renegade athletes are stranded at home with just their Mum’s pink dumbbells we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite Dumbbell Complexes for you to try! So without further ado…

1 DB Complex

Focus: Shoulder Hypertrophy & Fat Loss

Required: 1 DB 15-20kg

A1: One Arm DB Swing x10 e/s

A2: Cheat Lateral Raise x10 e/s

A3: One Arm Clean & Press x10 e/s

2min Rest Between Complexes

x3-4 sets

Or Try and do “The Big 55” 10/9/8…3/2/1 on each!

2 DB Complex

Focus: Total Body Muscular Endurance

Required: 2 DB’s 10-20kg

A1: DB Push Ups x10

A2: Renegade Rows x10 (5 each side)

A3: DB Squats x10

A4: DB Push Press x10

60s Rest Between Complexes

x4-5 Sets

DB Shoulder Complex

Focus: Shoulder Hypertrophy

Required: 2 DB’s 7.5-12.5kg

A1: DB Front Raise x10

A2: DB Lateral Raise x10

A3: DB Curl & Press x110

2min Rest Between sets

x2-3 sets

DB Burpees!

Focus: Conditioning

Required: 2 DB’s 10-15kg

One DB Burpee =

DB Push Up

Jump Up to Standing

Clean & Push Press

30s On : 30s Off

x6-10 Rounds

Great as a finisher after strength work!

DB Pulling Complex

Focus: Back and Pulling Hypertrophy

Required: 2 DB’s 10-20kg

A1: DB Reverse Flyes x10

A2: DB Curls x10

A3: DB Bent Over Row x10

2min Rest Between Sets

x3-4 Sets

Mechanical Drop Sets

Focus: Upper Body Hypertrophy

Required: 2 DB’s 20-30kg, Bench, Pull Up Bar

Checkout Our Full Article on Mechanical Drop Sets Here

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