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What Periodization Models Work Best for Rugby Strength and Conditioning Programs?

Join the Rugby Renegade Team Now Strength and conditioning are integral components of a rugby player’s training regimen, and effective periodization is the key to unlocking peak performance on the
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isolated player injury dissapointment

Overcoming Setbacks: Training Strategies for Injured Rugby Players

Join the Rugby Renegade Team Now Injuries are an unfortunate part of rugby, and while they can be discouraging, they don’t have to be the end of your training journey.
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Membership Program: Pre Season 2122 – Block 1 Day 22 Lower Body Weights & Speed

Adductor Injury Prevention: Rugby Proof

For our first in season injury prevention block we will be looking at the adductors (groin). It’s another group of muscles that are susceptible to tears, strains and tendon issues
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Sleep: The Key Stone of any training program

Sleep: The Key Stone of any training program

Sleep and Technology are in, too much sitting down is out…” Sir Dave Brailsford, Team Sky Cycling. 2015 Sleep is big in performance environments and it should be high up
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Field Based Conditioning, Speed, Speed training

Rugby Proof Injury Prevention: Hamstrings

As part of our Rugby Proof Renegade series we introduce our hamstring prehab, perfect for the offseason or integrated into your lower body program. Eccentric exercises will hold a core
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