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Rugby Fitness Training: The Ultimate Guide To Get Fitter For Rugby

Join the Rugby Renegade Team Now! Programming for rugby fitness training is one of the most challenging but also enjoyable tasks in sport. Why? Because the demands of a rugby player are
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Gregan WOD

15min AMRAP
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Gibbs & Guscott Team WOD

In Pairs complete the following… As Fast As Possible Break up the work however you wish;  1 works : 1 Rests
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The Physical Demands of a Rugby Player

In order to Programme effectively for conditioning sessions that will prepare Rugby Players for Game Day, it is vital to understand the demands that a player will experience during a
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5 Ways To Get Faster For Rugby

Join the Rugby Renegade Team Now! To you diehard Renegades it will be no surprise that rugby players are getting bigger. Since the turn of professionalism average bodyweight has increased
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top wattbike sessions for rugby

Top 5 Watt Bike Sessions For Rugby

Click here for more information on Rugby Fitness! The WattBike is an excellent conditioning tool for rugby. Don’t get me wrong, it can’t replace running, but can be a great
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5 Simple Conditioning Sessions for Rugby

Join the Rugby Renegade Team! Why do you need 5 simple conditioning sessions for rugby? Imagine, you’ve turned up to training and the kit man has done a runner and
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Strategies to maximise rugby performance

In this article, Dr. Nick Tiller (BASES accredited physiologist) offers key tips to help you maximise your training-induced adaptations and improve rugby performance… Prioritise Your Sleep Growth Hormone (GH) is
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rugby player running fast. Speed

Managing Tendinopathy in rugby – Part 3

In this article we focus on mobility exercises for the common issue of patella tendinopathy in rugby union and rugby sevens athletes. Following on from our articles on managing acute tendinopathy and
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Managing tendinopathy in rugby – Part 2

In this article we focus on the common issue of sub-acute or chronic patella tendinopathy in rugby union and rugby sevens athletes. Following on from our article on managing acute tendinopathy, we discuss
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